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Meaning of Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning

 As air conditioners are extremely important part of residence as well as offices their usage is also at a very high level. Because of being highly used the ventilation system starts to get choked with contaminants like fungi, molds, bacteria and dust. Due to this contamination the quality of air starts to degrade leading to an odd smell of the circulating air.
This process of contaminated air leads to breathing problems like for those exposed to it for a long time.

Air ducts are an important component whether it is a cooling system, heating system or even the entire HVAC system. Because they are not something that we can clean ourselves on a daily basis, we often tend to ignore their maintenance by hiring air duct cleaning companies. This leads to the accumulation of dirt and dust in the ducts.

The cleaning process consists of two stages:

Stage 1: Air handling unit cleaning / fan coil unit cleaning:

Outlet registers are sealed to hold dust and debris in duct work, so that the whole process of cleaning can be performed hassle free. Heating and cooling coils method for cleaning: Coils can be air / water chemically treated. Contaminated water is then removed for safe disposal.

Stage 2: Contamination removal:

A negative pressure is created in each zone of the duct work using an extraction unit. The company’s unique method for source removal of contamination from the supply exhaust air systems can be achieved with high pressure air washing to agitate the internal sections of duct work.

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Features of Lotus Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning’s service in Brisbane

  • Our service will restore peak energy efficiency.
  • Will help in eliminating offensive odors.
  • Our service will reduce the growth of mold and fungi in duct.
  • Improve indoor air-quality.
  • Helps in saving energy.
  • We use advance equipment which produce amazing results.
  • We give 100% guarantee for the results for cleaning ducts.


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