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Curtain Dry Cleaning Brisbane

Lotus Curtain Dry Cleaning Brisbane provides best Curtain Cleaning, Curtain Laundry Cleaning and Drapery Cleaning services throughout Brisbane.

Curtain Laundry Brisbane

We offer the quality Curtain laundry cleaning to both commercial and domestic customers. 
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Curtain Dry Cleaning Brisbane

Dry powder or a professional solved is applied to the item and carefully rubbed in with rotating brushes. Whether it's a single pair of curtains or elaborate swags and tails, we have the expertise to restore them to their former glory.

We dry clean your curtains according to their specific care label instructions and hand finish them, giving you the best results possible. Our specialist cleaning service removes the microscopic particles to create a healthier and cleaner environment. 

Dry cleaning curtains is the most effective way to rid your curtains of accumulated dust, dirt and allergens. This effectively loosens the accumulated dust and deodorises the piece. At the end, it is thoroughly vacuum-cleaned to removes all substances and dirt.




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