Lotus Mattress Sanitizing in Brisbane involves the extraction of both sides of your mattress. 

lotus mattress sanitizing Brisbane
Mattress Sanitizing in Brisbane

Lotus Mattress Protection Brisbane provides best services for mattress sanitizing, Mattress Deodorizing and Anti-Microbial Mattress Treatment. Call today on 0425 029 990 for emergency mattress cleaning Brisbane services

Mattress Cleaning & Senitisation is most important. A human being on an average spend 1/3 of his/her time sleep on Mattress.
Your mattress would be home for Dead Skin cells, body fluids, dust mites etc these might cause you or your family
What about if your mattress is not cleaned or senitised?

  • Uncleaned Mattress Can cause Asthma.

  • Many residents got Hay Fever because Mattress cleaning not done from long time.      

  • 10 % of the residents got Eczema because of mattress cleaning cleaned.

  • If mattress cleaning not done including Senitisation can cause Rhinitis, Psoriasis etc.

  • Poor sleep, Headaches because of the unclean mattress that’s why Mattress Cleaning is important.

  • Poor Mattress Cleaning can cause Itchy or watery eyes

  • As per the Melbourne university research Depression,Sneezing & Fatigue are linked with non mattress cleaned.

Lotus Mattress Sanitizing  process is dry and leaves your mattress free of dust mite eggs, larvae, excrement and of course the dust mites themselves.
The extraction process also rids your mattress of dead skin, the primary food source of the dust mite and leaves your mattress in a much healthier state.
This comprehensive approach includes  3-steps process, i.e. high power vacuuming, Mattress Deodorize and Anti-Microbial Mattress Treatment.

High Power Mattress Vacuuming Service in Brisbane

lotus mattress vacuuming Brisbane

Suction or airflow, along with the brush roll, is responsible for lifting and removing all forms of particles, debris, skin cells, and dust mites which accumulate everyday in the mattress.
The vacuum sucks air through the mattress while the brush roll agitates the surface to free embedded dirt. Dust and dirt are caught in the airflow and carried into the machine.

 Mattress Deodorize in Brisbane

Our standard deodorizer will help your everyday sleep, and freshens up your mattress. We add this deodorizer directly into the cleaning solution when we come to clean your mattress for a thorough deodorizing, so that the entire fiber is rinsed, and has a long-lasting effect.
mattress deodorizer Brisbane
Our deodorizer is non-toxic and biodegradable, making it safe for children, pets, and nursing homes.

Anti-Microbial Mattress Treatment in Brisbane

This added step provides long term surface protection with use of echo-friendly chemicals. This revolutionary, natural and green product molecularly bonds to the substrate, thus making the entire material itself antimicrobial. This application provides durable and lasting protection for your mattress. Our special technology use for anti-microbial treatment for mattresses.


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